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The mean annual temperature recorded in the interiors of the continent is -70°F; the coastal regions of this continent are relatively warm. The records of Asian explorers reaching the shores of North America in 499 BC have been found in documents dated 629 AD. With the help of the king of Spain, Magellan took five ships with him to explore the Earth. This came to be the International Date Line. Magellan took up the challenge with support from King Charles V of Spain. He was born in 14th century in present-day Morocco.

I was repeatedly asked if I was OK but, honestly, aside from a bit of discomfort with my mask being on the tighter side, I was having a great time. After a team of firefighters charged through the door and extinguished the blaze with a hose, Treannie led me around inside the house, and I got to see another team of firefighters extracting a baby mannequin from an upstairs room. One thing I'd been told before I went in was that I'd use up my oxygen fast, and I made it a personal goal of mine to control my breathing and last as long as possible. I was pleased to learn after I'd exited the fire that I still had 30 percent of my tank left, although whether that's anything to be proud of is something I couldn't really tell you. After the firemen did another drill it was time for a lunch of subs and pizzas. Two other drills followed, and the fire from the final drill was purposefully not quenched. This fire began to consume the building in earnest, methodically turning it into a blazing ruin.

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Arc de Triomphe 'Triumphal Arch' in English is one of the most famous monuments in Paris. He had the itch to explore, and hence, he joined the Belgian Antarctic Expedition. It is famous for the Catholic Basilica of Fourvière. The facts and information given in this article should satisfy your curiosity. People from Asia reached America thousands of years before Columbus and became its inhabitants. These countries were vital sources of silk, spices and opiates, which could not be cultured or grown in the much cooler climate of Europe. The Spanish were very small in number when the famous conquistador - Francisco Pizarro conquered the city of cusp, which was also capital of the Inca Civilization. Though Antarctica is not suitable for human habitation, nor does it boast of biodiversity on the lines of the tropical regions or the Arctic tundra, it is not a useless piece of land as many believe it to be. There are no legislative bodies or advisory committee of Antarctica.